CC Cream

Instantly conceals lines, pores, and imperfections. The liquid-to-powder formula offers a nourishing blend of minerals to deliver deep hydration and eliminate fine lines while improving skin texture and tone to create a natural and radiant look and preventing the damages caused by UV radiation.


Titanium Oxide、Hyaluronan、Squalane、Panax Ginseng Root Extract、Butylene Glycol、Dipropylene Glycol、Sage、Hydrolyzed Silk Protein、Green Tea Extract、Grape Seed Extract、Bamboo Extract、Myrrh Extract、Licorice Extract、Bifidus Ferment Filtrate、Myrciaria Dubia Extract、Arbutin、3-Aminopropropyl-L-Ascorbylphosphate/Glutathione、N-Acetyl-L- Tyrosine、Saxifrage Sarmentosa Root Extract、Scutellaria Baicalensis Extract、Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract.